The Ultimate Chest Assault for a 3D Chest
When one first enters the gym in search of improvement, a few images probably come to mind when you envision the perfect aesthetic physique. A mile wide back like Dorian Yates, a waist like Flex Wheeler, the monstrous legs of...
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Johnnie O. Jackson lifting a dumbell
It has been widely accepted that training to concentric muscular failure is needed to maximize exercise-induced muscle hypertrophy. Muscular failure can be defined as “the point during a resistance exercise set when the muscles can no longer produce sufficient force...
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People running on treadmills
Cardio is any form of exercise that raises your heart rate. There are a number of different cardio workouts to choose from, but given people’s hectic lifestyles, it's common to search for the one that elevates the highest possible fitness...
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