The Ultimate Christmas Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers in 2021

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers in 2021

Ho ho ho, it’s the season of empty gyms and caloric surpluses! Don’t worry, we’ll help you turn your Christmas into Liftmas with the ultimate fit gift ideas guide for everyone on your list to make your holiday shopping quicker and easier. With plenty of options to fit your budget or their goals, you’re sure to find the perfect way to give the gift of fitness progress this year. (Don’t forget to throw in a lil’ something for yourself, too!)

For Your Lifting Buddy

Your relationship with him or her is a bittersweet mix of muscle envy, unwavering motivation and friendly competition of who can lift the most weight for the most reps. Give the gift of power to the person who helps you train insane!

We Recommend:


Our latest pre-workout is available in three mindblowing flavours and three sizes for every budget. Choose from the full serving tub (18 scoops), our trial size option (six scoops), or a travel tube of 12 stick packs (half scoop per packet). This full-dose pre-workout is made for those who want scary strength levels, so don’t be surprised when they start outlifting you after Christmas!


Not everyone likes stim, but essential amino acids are a safe bet! One scoop of GEAAR contains 9.4g of EAA’s and arginine, plus a full spectrum of electrolytes to keep thirsty muscles hydrated. Get your mate to sip on this for instant muscle fuel and recovery, and prepare to go hard again tomorrow!

C) MUTANT® Gym Shirts

Functional gym wear is another great idea if your gym partner likes to look fit and fashionable! If you’re lifting with a boss babe, she’ll love our racerback style Black Tank with a cropped front to keep her cool during gruelling workouts! We’ve also got several shirt styles for the gym bro in your life, like our super soft Collector’s Script shirt in yellow, a semi-fitted Grey Heather option made with a cotton/polyester blend, or a black Mutant Mentality option that shows off the grind. The only hard part is getting the right size! (Friends should know this stuff, right?)

For Your Swolemate

Isn’t it nice to have someone who loves the lifting life as much as you do? You know your partner better than anyone, so pick a gift that shows it! Our protein powders and BCAAs have the widest selection of flavours, and you’ll score major brownie points when you pick their favourite. We’ve got wearable gifts, too, in case their supplement stash is already full.

We Recommend:


Our leanest, fastest-absorbing protein powder comes in just about every flavour you could imagine! We’ve got your classic chocolate and vanilla options, but we’ve also got banana cream, birthday cake, mint chocolate chip, pineapple coconut, and several more! Iso Surge comes in two sizes, so we recommend bundling a few small tubs in different flavours, or stick to a 5lb of their absolute favourite. Forget the box of chocolates - protein is the universal fitness love language!


It’s a classic! Our fermented vegan BCAAs are also made with 8 different electrolytes, and the original 9.7 version has plenty of flavour options for every palate. If they’ve got a little extra “love” they’re trying to lose, get them the Thermo twist instead - it’s the BCAAs you love but with added thermogenics for a sweatier, fat-incinerating gym sesh. Both options are perfect for helping your swolemate repair and build tired muscles from all that heavy lifting - and let’s be real, we all like a fit partner!

His & Hers

Keep your man’s gym gear organized with our Utility Duffle Bag that also converts into a backpack with adjustable shoulder straps. It’s heavy-duty enough to haul around his shoes, lifting belt, straps, supplements, shakers, and anything else he takes to the gym or to work! If your lover’s a lady, get her our lightweight cotton Red Hoodie that she can wear at the gym or curled up next to you on the couch. We don’t guarantee this will stop her from stealing your sweaters, though!

For Your Coach Or Trainer

Would you be where you are now if it weren’t for your fitness taskmaster? They work hard to help you and their other clients get in better shape, while also keeping up with their own muscle-building routine. Show them your appreciation with products that support their intensity! Just don’t expect them to go any easier on you - gifts are great, but you’re paying them to kick your … glutes.

We Recommend:


Tried, true and tested, gift coach with glutamine - a classic key to muscle recovery, immunity and digestive health. This staple is a conditionally essential amino acid, meaning it’s needed during periods of high physical stress - which is likely what your trainer is feeling! Ours is unflavoured, so it’s ideal for them to stack with their own supplements or add to smoothies.


Who better to buy protein for than your coach? They’re sure to love our easy mixing, decadent tasting #1 selling Whey protein! We made it in five different flavours that each taste WHEY too good to be true - they’d think it’s a cheat shake! It’s also boosted with digestive enzymes and contains no aspartame, and it’s Informed Choice certified, too - so if your trainer has specific needs, you know they’re covered.


Being a coach or a trainer means long hours of talking, moving around constantly, and occasionally screaming - with little breaks to refill their water bottle. Keep them hydrated during their busy days with our 2.6L capacity Red Mega Mug! They definitely know the importance of drinking enough water, so they’ll appreciate the extra attention to detail with this gift!

For Mom Or Dad

Show your folks some holiday cheer, even if they didn’t pass along the best bodybuilding genetics. Whether they’re gym junkies like you, or if they’re content to just go for long walks on the beach, you can help keep ‘em young, healthy and physically fit with a couple items from our Core series.

We Recommend:


If you’ve got more active folks, then get them our Multi’s! They’re jam packed with high potency vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, herbs, botanical extracts, greens, digestive enzymes and electrolytes. After all, your parents aren’t getting any younger… and on second thought, none of us are - throw an extra one in the cart for yourself, too!


Keep their hearts healthy and minds sharp with our MCT Oil, sourced purely from coconuts with zero palm oil or trans fats. This high quality fat breaks down quickly as a clean energy source for the body and brain. It’s flavourless liquid, so mom and dad can add it to their morning coffees, drizzle it over salads, or add it to smoothies. (We’re not sure if it can be used in mom’s famous meatloaf, though.)

Stocking Stuffers & More

We’ve also got tons of other great gift additions or stocking stuffers, and you can find them all on our Gear & Apparel page! Choose from:

  • Shaker bottles
  • Gym bags
  • Pillbox
  • Towels
  • Lifting straps
  • Face masks
  • Lanyard
  • Beanie
  • Fitted flex caps
  • Drawstring bag
  • Snapback caps
  • And more! 


 Still not sure what to buy? Not sure if your gift will arrive in time? We’ve got you covered with our digital gift cards! Simply select the value you’d like to give them, add it to your cart, and you’re done! There’s no shipping involved, and it’s the only way to guarantee they’ll get exactly what they want - and they definitely won’t regift it!

Shop Now Before It’s All Gone!

Well, that completes our ultimate list of the best Christmas fitness gifts! Get them all now with a few clicks of a button, but don’t wait too long - these items sell out quickly, and shipping takes longer this time of year, too. You don’t want to end up on next year’s Naughty list, do you? Then get shopping!

If you have any more questions about the best gift options for your friends and family, follow us on Instagram @mutantnation and shoot us a DM, and we’ll do our best to help you out!