If your goal is to build muscle mass without gaining excess fat- fear not. There’s a proven strategy that works to add lean muscle to your frame. After all, what's the point of making the changes necessary to build muscle if there’s a layer of fat hiding your gains?  
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Powerlifter vs Bodybuilder

You may be determined to improve your physique through lifting but aren’t sure which strategy is best. Although both have advantages, picking the one that aligns with your specific goals is crucial. Let's determine which one’s the perfect fit for you!

In this article, MUTANT will give you the breakdown of powerlifting and bodybuilding and which works best for certain fitness goals. We also give you a unique advantage for both workout methods at the very end.


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MUTANT Athlete Doing Bicep Curls
Resistance training is vital for adding muscle to your frame and improving overall body composition. In this quick and easy article, we’ll go over the best workout plan for massive muscle gain, how to eat to maximize results in the gym, and which recovery options are prioritized for a killer training session each time. 
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Bodybuilder Getting Ready to Deadlift
Want to know how to increase deadlift weight with proper form? How about how to use deadlift straps? If so, MUTANT has you covered with this simple, straightforward overview of how to deadlift to experience all the back and leg...
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