Meal Prep Cheat Sheet

Eating for muscle? Download our ultimate meal prep cheat sheet!


That means eating clean through the holidays, vacations, parties, work weeks, sick days, pandemics, natural disasters, and whatever else life throws your way.

That means you’ve gotta shop for, prep and cook all that food to get the right nutrients for muscle building. Heck, even the pro’s sometimes struggle with their diet.

”It’s all about consistency. Every time someone asks me ‘How did you ever get that heavy’ or ‘lift that weight’ - it’s all about doing a lot of the same things over and over and over for an incredibly boring amount of time.”
Big Ron Partlow, IFBB Pro, MUTANT Athlete, Owner of West Coast Iron gym.

But consistency doesn’t mean your muscle meal should be bland, boring or difficult to prep. Gone are the days of sawdust chicken breast and soggy boiled broccoli!

Our Meal Prep Cheat Sheet shows you how you can enjoy food that tastes good and actually helps you look good. In less than ten minutes, you’ll learn how to prep your diet for muscle gain and fat loss, without getting bored.


Being on a diet for muscle building can actually be pretty easy and enjoyable if you break it down into simple steps.

Step 1 - Mighty Macros

First, your muscle gain meal prep needs to start with protein. It’s essential in every diet for building muscle, losing fat and staying full. Next, pick out some healthy fats to help regulate those growth hormones and keep your brain and joints feeling good. Plus, fats help you absorb key vitamins and minerals. Finally, round out your meal with smart carbs to give you fuel for those gruelling workouts and to help shuttle all that protein to your muscles.

Step 2 - Get Portions on Lock

Of course, there’s a bit more to bodybuilding meal prep than just eating these 3. Knowing which types of foods have the best nutrients for muscle building is a key component, and so is portion control. You gotta keep your ratios in balance to ensure optimal muscle growth and leanness.

Step 3 - Fit Flavours

Flavour’s a big factor, too - after all, if your food tastes bland, you’re not going to eat it - and you’ll just end up hitting the drive-thru! Spice up your life and your food so you stay on point and on track to that Hulk-worthy size or Baywatch bod!

Not so difficult, right?

Well, if you need more help our super simple Meal Prep Cheat Sheet covers all of these factors in more detail, but without being too complicated or “science-y” to understand. We kept it simple for you so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time at the gym on your 10x10’s or watching videos of what 300lb bodybuilders eat for their dozen daily meals.

Don’t risk your results by setting yourself up for meal boredom or rushed calorie input. Use this Meal Prep Cheat Sheet as your personal food hacking tool to mix and match macros for quick & tasty muscle building meals all week long, so you can stay on track to reach your goals faster.

Now, go ahead & delete those delivery apps!