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Shawn Ray knows a thing or two about putting on MASS. To put on serious muscle mass you need a combination of good calories, quality protein, and next-level energy to fuel grueling workouts. Introducing the Shawn Ray Mass Bundle! Featuring MUTANT Mass, Whey, and Madness All-In for serious strength and size, plus a stainless steel shaker and our newest hoodie! 

Madness All-in is your strong pre-workout fuel that’s fully dosed for strength, power, hydration, focus, and recovery - which you’ll need during those nasty high volume workouts! Use our Whey protein for a rich, post-workout recovery drink, and keep it cool in our 32oz stainless steel shaker cup. In between meals, use our Mass to hit your calorie surplus - it’s got 1100 cals per serving from real food ingredients for quality nutrition that helps you move the scale and gain muscle fast!

With all those muscle-building supplements, you’ll be ready to fill out our newest hoodie that comes with this bundle, too. It’s made with a no-pill material and has pockets deep enough to store your keys, wallet, and phone.

This bundle’s got everything you need to recover faster, ramp up your strength, and in turn, build MUSCLE - just like Shawn did to fuel an amazing career. 

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