You hear the word genetics ... a lot. And rightfully so. Your eye color, height, body structure and a ton of other things are all governed by genetics. And when it comes to said genetics, we've got to play the cards we've been dealt. The key though is in 'how' we play them. And nowhere is that more important than when it comes to nutrition.

Physique and performance building is 80% nutrition. Much as we love to train, the real magic is in the food we eat, our meal frequency and how we supplement that food intake. The problem though is that most people struggle miserably with their nutrition. And a lot of the time, that struggle comes from not eating according to your body type.

The 3 Somatotypes

The idea of lining up nutrition to your body type goes back to 1940 and William H. Sheldon, PhD and MD.¹ Sheldon introduced somatotyping; that is, classifying people based on their skeletal frame and body composition.¹ The essence of somatotyping is that we all fall - although not perfectly at times - into one of three (3) categories; ectomorphs, endomorphs and mesomorphs.¹ Ectomorphs are characterized by tall, lanky and lean frames with not much muscle or fat.¹ They have fast metabolisms and find it hard to gain weight and build muscle.² Think marathon runners. Endomorphs have much slower metabolisms and carry more body fat naturally.² They look 'softer' and gain weight easily.² Think offensive linemen in football. And finally, mesomorphs have naturally athletic bodies with a high percentage of lean body mass and make gains easily.² Think competitive bodybuilders.

Eating Based On Your Body Type

Oftentimes we see someone with a lean, muscular physique and think 'great genetics.' Truth be told though, there are few among us that are genetically gifted. More often than not, what you're looking at is someone who has perfected the art of eating and supplementing based on their body type.

The fact is this; if you're not eating and supplementing according to your body type, forget about achieving your goals, you will actually regress; that is, go backwards. We're talking disastrous results here! The ectomorph who goes low-carb will get skinnier. The endomorph who jumps on the bulk band-wagon will, political correctness aside, get fatter. And the mesomorph who chooses wrong will either (a) spill over or (b) leave gains on the table. Whatever the case, do any of these scenarios sound appealing?

A Lineage of MUTANTS

Now with a clear understanding of how important lining up your nutrition plan to your body type is and the consequences of passing on this, it's time we examine some specific strategies. And rolling that out for you is MUTANT; the larger than life brand with more than 20 years of experience in not only developing an exclusive line of incredibly effective nutritional supplements, but in also working with athletes. Here at MUTANT, we've sponsored, supported and helped countless athletes over the last two decades; and a big part of that is working with them to develop eating and supplement protocols that best match their genetics. We have a lineage of athletes and gym goers who've reached the height of their physical and athletic potential that can vouch for us ... and you're next!


Ectomorphs need calories, and a lot of them. If you're a pure ectomorph or have dominant ectomorphic leanings, food runs through you. As a starting point, multiply your current bodyweight by 15 and this will give you a rough estimate of total calories per day. If steady increases in weight are not happening, bump that figure up. Next up is meal frequency. Oftentimes ectomorphs make the mistake of eating six (6) small meals per day in pursuit of gains. This ain't gonna work. Remember, as an ectomorph you have a fast metabolism and eating all the time is going to rev up your metabolism even more. Opt for three (3) high calorie, quality whole food meals instead, and one (1) shake per day. Don't run roughshod at fast food joints in your neighbourhood trying to 'dirty bulk' your way to gains. Garbage in equals garbage out. Ever see someone driving a high-end sports car putting regular gas in it?

Variety of meats, vegetables and fruits.

And on the topic of super-premium fuel, supplement your food intake with MUTANT MASS. Our #1 selling gainer and flag-ship product, MUTANT MASS was developed for hard-gaining ectomorphs. It contains 1,100 calories per serving coming from natural whole foods like rolled oats, sweet potato and avocado; plus the highest quality protein sources like whey isolate. MUTANT MASS is available in six (6) taste-bursting gourmet flavors like Vanilla Ice Cream and is the gold-standard in weight gainers that we stake our reputation on. To try MUTANT MASS, click here. And if you're really looking to shift into sixth gear, stack MUTANT MASS with CREAKONG, which supports further increases in mass and strength via three (3) clinically proven forms of creatine. MUTANT MASS and CREAKONG stacked will put serious weight on even the most stubborn of ectomorphic frames! To try CREAKONG click here.


Endomorphs have a natural inclination to body fat storage, thanks to a slower metabolism. That in mind, calories need to be kept in check. To begin, multiply your current bodyweight by 10, and this will give you an estimate of total calories per day. That figure may need to be tweaked depending on progress. Calories are derived from high protein, moderate carb and low fat macros. Protein should come from high-quality, lean sources like turkey, fish and whey isolate. Carbs come almost exclusively from the low-glycemic variety like green vegetables and berries. Meal frequency is also key; whereas with ectomorphs we opted for fewer meals per day to slow metabolism, with endomorphs, we need to ramp up meal cadence to spike metabolism. We're talking six (6) meals a day here, coming from four (4) whole food meals and two (2) shakes.

For shakes, you're go-to is ISO SURGE, which contains 25 grams of the highest-quality whey protein isolate per scoop, only two (2) grams of carbs and a mere gram of fat, which is ideal for endomorphs. That, and the fact that ISO SURGE is available in a slew of bang-on delicious flavors like Triple Chocolate that are a welcome relief to dieting makes this one a no-brainer. To try ISO SURGE, click here. One supplement you want to stack with ISO SURGE is BCAA THERMO. A shot of BCAA THERMO before your fasted cardio will increase energy levels, boost performance; plus heighten calorie burning and fat loss! Click here to test drive BCAA THERMO for yourself.


Mesomorphs have a natural athletic structure that lends itself nicely to both muscle building and cutting programs. Depending on your goal, daily calories will vary. For bulking you may be at 14 calories per pound of bodyweight per day, and as low as 12 calories per pound of bodyweight per day on a cut. Those may need to be adjusted based on progress. From a macronutrient perspective, opt for a high protein, high carbohydrate and moderate fat diet. Three (3) whole food meals and two (2) shakes for five (5) meals in total per day seems to be the sweet spot, with particular attention paid to the nutrition consumed in and around your workout.

Supplement packages

Have your pre-workout meal about two (2) hours before you train. Follow that up with a shot of MUTANT MADNESS as you head out the door to the gym. MUTANT MADNESS is a serious dose of concentrated pre-workout fuel that will give you an insane energy boost, helping you push more weight and squeeze out more reps, as you get the most out of your workout. To try MUTANT MADNESS click here. Immediately after your workout, kick-start recovery with GEAAR. With more than ten (10) grams of aminos per scoop, GEAAR will help prime your body for heightened recovery and better performance next time you train. Click here to try GEAAR. Following up your GEAAR with an ISO SURGE shake and then your whole food, post-workout meal about an hour later completes the protocol for mesomorphs.

Syncing Up

Regardless of your body type, you can, and will, achieve your physique goals; provided you train with purpose and sync up your nutrition plan to your body type. The days of being called 'skinny' or 'fat' are over. The days of being picked last in gym class are done. Likewise, the days of unrealized potential are a thing of the past. Visualize your success; embrace it.

Imagine how you'll feel when someone notices that you've put on 10 or even 15 pounds and asks how you did it. Or picture the reactions you'll get when you drop the weight that's been holding you back. Or how many 'not natty' dm's will blow up your phone when you stop leaving gains on the table for good and take full advantage of your genetics.

Make it happen; be the MUTANT brand's next great success story!


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