"What are these girls doing to get so lean?"

This is the question that runs through your mind as you scroll through your Instagram feed, as you sit in the audience watching the bikini and figure divisions compete, and at the gym when one of the pros is plying her trade.

You've been at it for months now - cardio, weights and even yoga. Your calories so restricted that now you're starting to feel mentally and physically drained. And it would be OK if you were in the shape you wanted to be in. But you're not. And though you've made progress, that next level, really lean and conditioned look that you're after has eluded you. And now you're left wondering, worrying. You've always taken pride in not only meeting every challenge, but beating it. This one though is a little different. So different that you can't go it alone any longer.

You need the trusted hand of experience. You need to lean on a brand that's been in the business for more than 20 years. A brand that has helped countless women over the last two decades get into the best shape of their lives. A brand that's won awards. A brand used by famed personal trainer and NPC Bikini Competitor Lynsay Christine.

You need MUTANT - the legacy brand that's stood the test of time.


Getting down to the elusive, yet rarified air of 10% body fat is not easy, especially when you're constantly juggling everything life throws at you. Like the saying goes, "if it were easy, everybody would be doing it." And if you were going to get there on your own, you would have already gotten there. The truth is, if you continue to go it alone, you won't grow in empowerment or satisfaction, but rather in frustration. You'll stay stuck, as you continue to wonder, rather than do.

Woman at the gym exercising

We understand that you need help to achieve your goals and we're here to guide you. We know what it takes to help women just like you drop that last bit of body fat; reaching new levels of success and fulfillment in the process. In short, we can help you get unstuck. We can show you the how-to of maximizing cardio for fat loss. Make a commitment to getting in the best shape of your life once and for all by following these five steps.

Step #1 - H.I.I.T.

One of the cardinal sins when it comes to cardio is thinking that 20 minutes on the treadmill post weight-training is enough to get the job done. It isn't. The other mistake women often make is doing treadmill sessions for hours, thinking this practice will get them to 10%. It won't. When it comes to cardio-vascular training for fat loss, High-Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) is the answer. H.I.I.T. involves short bursts (30 to 60 seconds) of high intensity work, followed by a period of active rest. In a 2019 study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine researchers investigating the effects of different exercise modalities on fat loss found that "interval training provided 28.5% greater reductions in total absolute fat mass" than moderate intensity continuous training.¹ Not only is it better, it allows you to get your cardio done in half the time.

Step #2 - A Fasted State

Now, good as intervals are, they can be made better by doing them fasted. That means on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. A 2016 study in The British Journal of Nutrition found a "significant" increase in fat oxidation during exercise that was performed in a fasted state, compared with a fed state among the subjects in the study.² This study, plus the fact that many bikini and figure competitors practice fasted cardio should help convince you of its merits.

Step #3 - Frequency & Work-To-Rest Ratio Guidelines

Set with the knowledge of how beneficial fasted intervals can be, we turn our attention to frequency; a.k.a. how many sessions per week. Depending on where you're at physically, you're looking at anywhere from three to five sessions per week; separate from your weight training. Your interval cardio session should take approximately 30 minutes; with a 5 minute warm-up, 20 minutes of intervals and concluding with a 5 minute cool-down. For the intervals, a 2019 study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine found a work-to-rest ratio of 4:1 to be an effective protocol for improving aerobic and anaerobic capacity.³ In practical terms, you would do one minute of high intensity work, followed by four minutes of active rest and then repeat for the duration of 20 minutes. Under that framework you would do four bouts of intervals. As you improve, the rest ratio gets smaller (i.e. 1:3 and so on).

Step #4 - What Type of Cardio

As for what form of cardio, be it the treadmill, the elliptical or the bike, the answer is none of the above. Your new best friend is the Step Mill or the Stairmaster. Not only is this form of cardio a superior cardiovascular and fat loss workout, it also has the dual benefit of really taxing your quads, hamstrings and glutes. Combine this with what you're already doing from a weight training perspective to target those areas and you will see some dramatic improvements.

Step #5 - Drive Workout Intensity With BCAA THERMO

The fifth and most important step when it comes to maximizing fat loss from your cardio is to supplement with BCAA THERMO before your fasted intervals. It's this little 'secret' that has helped Lynsay Christine get into the best shape of her life ... and it can do the same for you.

BCAA THERMO is a dual action formula. It contains the highest-quality BCAA's, which promote protein synthesis, while also helping decrease exercise-induced muscle damage, fatigue sensation and post-exercise muscle soreness.⁴﹐⁵ Research out of the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (2009) also found that BCAA supplementation throughout an eight week resistance training program led to less body fat, more lean mass and better strength gains among the subjects, as compared to subjects who took only a protein supplement, or a sports drink.⁶

BCAA THERMO also contains caffeine. And while caffeine is a great energizer, it's also very thermogenic. One study out of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2009) found that caffeine produced a thermogenic response of 6% above the baseline value, as compared to a placebo.⁷ This is key because increased thermogenesis means heightened calorie and fat burning, which is exactly what you want. As if that weren't enough, BCAA THERMO also includes CaloriBurnGP®, an exciting new fat loss ingredient. CaloriBurnGP® is a natural extract of the Grains of Paradise seed (a species of the ginger family) shown in The British Journal of Nutrition to increase whole body energy expenditure.⁸ With CaloriBurnGP® you're further stimulating your metabolism. Talk about win-win!

NPC Bikini Competitor Lynsay Christine On BCAA THERMO

Taking BCAA THERMO before your fasted intervals will not only give you the energy you need, but it will also rev up your metabolism; helping you burn more calories and more fat; en route to achieving that 10% body fat goal. And if you've been taking a traditional pre-workout supplement before cardio thinking it's going to get you there, stop right now. Never waste a serving of your pre-workout on cardio ever again. Save it for before weight training because that's what it's been developed for. You don't need a complex pre-workout formula for cardio. Scoop for scoop you'll get more value and better fat loss by using BCAA THERMO before your fasted intervals. Click here to try BCAA THERMO in any one of three delicious flavors.


We've outlined the five steps that you can count on to maximize fat loss from your cardio sessions. Let this preparation lead you to take action now; and prove to yourself that you do have what it takes. Imagine how you'll feel competing on stage with all eyes on you if that's your goal. Or if your stage is a social media one, imagine how you'll feel posting a series of pics and being flooded with likes for hours. Or maybe you have your sights set on a reunion, a party, a wedding or a vacation; imagine the heads you'll turn when you walk in. Whatever your 'why' is, use the 'how' outlined here to make it happen!