Getting stronger, building muscle and burning fat all have one big thing in common; they're number-driven goals. You know what we're talking about ...

  • "How much ya bench?"
  • "What do your biceps tape at?"
  • "What's your body fat percent?"

As important as numbers are though, sometimes they don't tell the whole story; especially when it comes to the "look" of your physique. Think about it for a second...

Have you ever been at the gym when you're stronger than someone, you're physically bigger than them and you're even more cut, but it doesn't translate to the overall physique package because the person in question looks better than you. And you're left standing there asking "WTF am I doing wrong here?" If you're like many gym goers, this scene has played out more than once. And truth be told; it's nothing to be upset about. Rather, it's an opportunity to learn.

The Illusion of Bodybuilding

And what we're learning about is the illusion of bodybuilding. We're talking about ultra-wide shoulders, flaring upper lats and top shelf pecs that all streamline down to a tight waist. It's this very illusion that can allow someone who possesses these fire traits to look way better physically, than someone who doesn't; despite being weaker and oftentimes smaller. That said, there are those who will call genetics. And certainly, genetics play a role. For the most part though, the vast majority of gym goers don't have particularly good or bad genetics. We all fall somewhere in the middle of the curve. That means if the silhouette your cutting isn't lit, you can do something about it! And if you don't, you will continue to be the guy whose physique is missing a little somethin' somethin', despite weighing a lot and lifting a lot. So read on if you're tired of being that guy!

Prioritizing Your Training

If your arms were lagging behind the rest of your body, you would likely prioritize them with more sets and reps, while also feeding your body more. While the same principle applies to your V-Taper, it gets a little more tricky because several muscle groups are involved when it comes building a wide V-Taper; namely, your shoulders, upper back, chest and abs.

The answer is to add a dedicated day to your program that exclusively targets improving your V-Taper. That means if you're currently doing a three (3) day push, pull and legs split, you would keep those days the same, and simply add a fourth workout to bring your program up to push, pull, legs and now, V-Taper. If you're currently training four (4) days a week, you bump that up to five (5). If though, you're already training five (5) to six (6) days a week, a restructure is in order to accommodate the new V-Taper day.

Having a dedicated V-Taper day channels all of the body's resources towards that one goal and also allows you to increase your nutrient intake that day, as a means to feed the body for the gains we want. Knowing that, the questions become; what's this V-Taper workout going to look like, and how to do we go about pushing the nutrition to get the most out of it?

Man at the gym exercising

At MUTANT We Respect The Muscle

We understand your love of the iron and the grinding gym sessions you put yourself through pursuing who you not only want to be, but need to be. We have athletes like Ron Partlow and Parker Egerton, plus a MUTANT squad; all of whom are like-minded in strivinging to be bigger and better; leaving humanity behind in the process. And we're not only in the business of manufacturing some of the strongest and most effective supplements in the game today, we're also steadfast in our commitment to providing gym goers just like you with goal-oriented training and nutrition protocols that work alongside our supplements. We know that a wicked V-Taper can be the catalyst that pushes your physique to the next level. That's why we're proud to present the following targeted V-Taper protocol, sure to help you add the width and eye-popping dimensions you're missing!

The V-Taper Protocol

Our V-Taper protocol comes in two (2) parts; a dedicated training routine and a plug-and-play nutrition program designed to work in sync with the training routine to help maximize gains.

Part #1 - The V-Taper Routine

This is a one (1) day routine to be used as an add-on to your current program. You will not see exercises like squats, bench press, dead lifts, shoulder press, barbell curls and the like here, as our assumption is that you're already doing these foundational exercises on your other training days. What you are going to find though is a coordinated exercise, set and rep scheme that will help build your V-Taper to epic proportions.

To start, warm-up on the treadmill for 15 minutes at a low to moderate intensity. After that, focus on some upper body stretching for another 10 minutes. Then, bang out a set of push-ups. Now you're ready for the guts of the routine, which is featured below

Exercise Sets Reps Muscle(s) Targeted
Rope Face Pulls 3 10-15 Rear Delts
Dumbbell Pull-Overs 3 10-12 Chest and Back
Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises 4 6-8 Side Delts
Cable Side Lateral Raises 3 15-20 Side Delts
Pull-Ups (Chest To The Bar 4 6-8 Upper Back
Reverse-Grip Lat Pull-Downs 4 15-20 Upper Back
Smith Machine High Incline Barbell Press 4 8-12 Upper Chest
Twisting Hanging Leg Raises 3 10-15 Abs/Intercostals

We're looking at 28 sets, with reps ranging from six (6) to 20, depending on the exercise. This differentiated rep range is key because it allows both slow and fast twitch muscle fibers to be activated. That, plus the fact that this is a supplementary day to your current program, is what makes it so effective for V-Taper building. You're likely doing some, maybe even all, of the exercises featured in the routine on your other training days, which is great; keep that up. It's in the extra volume and how we fuel that where we will find our success.

Part #2 - The V-Taper Nutrition Program

And speaking of fuel, you want to be in a calorie surplus on V-Taper day. You're looking at around 500 calories above maintenance. We're talking about clean calories from lean protein, slow-burning carbs and healthy fats. On the supps side, your best bet is to cover all your bases with a hit of MADNESS pre-workout, GEAAR intra-workout and Parker Egerton's signature post-workout shake to close out.


Given that this V-Taper workout will likely come at the end of the week once your other sessions are complete, potentially decreased energy is a problem ... and that's where MADNESS comes in. Taking MADNESS pre-workout will help deliver an amazing jolt of energy and focus for the intensity you need to grind through those 28 sets. We're talking about a maximum strength formula with a wiring 350 mg of caffeine and important amino acids in an ultra-concentrated formula that delivers the goods you need for a physique-improving workout every time out. To try MADNESS, click here.


GEAAR is our big-boy Essential Amino Acid (EAA) formula that packs more than seven (7) grams of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) and more than two (2) grams of additional EAA's, plush Arginine per scoop. GEAAR also includes nine (9) different electrolytes. The result is a product that, when sipped on during a workout, can help you lift more and increase protein synthesis, while also keeping your muscles hydrated and pumped to the max. GEAAR is an absolute banger! To jump on GEAAR intra-workout, click here.


To say Parker Egerton is a fan of MUTANT MASS is about as big an understatement as one could make. This dude thrives on the stuff! He's even created his own signature post-workout shake that includes a scoop of MUTANT MASS and a scoop of ISO SURGE. This shake delivers 395 calories with almost 40 grams of protein and 50 grams of carbs along for the ride. This nutrient flooding post-workout is exactly what your body needs to kick start the cascade of events required for recovery and growth of that V-Taper. To try Parker's signature shake, click here for MUTANT MASS and here for ISO SURGE.

In Order To Get A Lot ... You Need To Do A Lot

It's not lost on us that we're asking a lot from you here. Adding a new high volume training day to your existing program and matching that with a nutrition plan is not easy. And depending on how many days you're already training, the Reps of time you have on your hands and your energy level, it can be a huge ask.

But here's the deal; in order to get a lot ... you need to do a lot.

Your V-Taper isn't just going to improve as a function of your current training because if was going to, don't you think that it would have already happened by now?

The fact is, it's time to get aggressive.

It's time to stop asking "WTF" and start doing.

Put the principles outlined here in play and make that V-Taper of yours fire so you can be the envy of all the gym bros in your circle!